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Whitening & Bleaching in Highland Park

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Whitening & Bleaching

For patients interested in whitening, we offer custom made whitening take-home trays. These trays are made to fit the exact shape of your teeth, so that the whitening gel can be optimally effective. Whitening gel is provided to the patient to dispense into the tray which is worn overnight. Once trays are made, they can be used indefinitely. Most patients will use the trays and whitening gel for a few weeks until desired results are achieved. After that, teeth can be re-whitened with the same trays every 6 months for a couple of nights or as desired by the patient. 


Does whitening cause any damage to teeth?

 Studies show that although whitening can demineralize enamel slightly, it tends to remineralize within a couple of months. In my experience, there have been no lasting negative effects of tooth whitening or bleaching.

Some patients, however, may develop slight sensitivity to cold. In those cases there are treatments, such as fluoride treatments and desensitizing treatments that can be done to eliminate sensitivity.  

Sensodyne toothpaste or toothpaste for sensitive teeth should ideally be used for at least two weeks before beginning whitening treatments and should be used throughout the whitening process as needed. Skipping a night every few nights of whitening can also help to mitigate sensitivity. 

How white will my teeth get if I bleach them? Is it always successful?

Bleaching is usually successful but results differ for every patient. While it is not completely predictable, generally, teeth that are in the yellow range bleach best. Teeth that that are in the gray range do not usually bleach as well.

Our take home whitening system allows patients to control how long they would like to use the whitening treatment and therefore, what tooth shade they would like to achieve. Whitening gel can be used for as long or short as desired.