Dentistry For The Whole Family

Our Team


Dr. Dena G. Lieblich, DDS

Dr. Dena Lieblich is the mother of six children and has been treating patients of all ages for twenty-nine years. She received her doctorate from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. Following her graduation she completed a residency in Jerusalem, where she worked in a dental clinic for underserved children. Since then, she has worked in several private practices and held the position of Dental Director at the Chandler Health Center in New Brunswick for eleven years. Dr. Lieblich has been practicing dentistry in Highland Park since 2001, where her talents have helped keep her patients happy and healthy. Dr. Lieblich's gentle manner has enabled her to become especially successful with her youngest patients. She usually begins treating children at age three if there are no special concerns earlier. Parents are welcome to join their children in the operatory.


Dr. Michelle Shapiro

Dr. Michelle Shapiro, is the oldest daughter of Dr. Lieblich and has recently joined the practice as an associate. Dr. Shapiro received her doctorate from Harvard School of Dental Medicine. She then went on to complete a prestigious residency program at the Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, where she treated hundreds of patients and gained experience in all phases of dentistry. Her knowledge and experience extends even to management of dental patients in the emergency room and in an inpatient and operating room setting. She enjoys treating adults and children and is excited to be joining her mother's practice!